Organ Method With Hands and Feet

 Concept of the Organ Method With Hands and Feet


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Volume 1

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Video 1: Organ Shoes, Sitting Position, Keyboard Overview, Finger Placement, Hand Position, First Pedal Playing
Video 2: Playing on Two Manuals, Pedal Technique, Thumb Crossing
Video 3: Invent Pieces, Minor Key, Right and Left Hand Exercises, 2 Octave Scale
Video 4: G Major Scale, Velocity Exercises, F major Scale, Phrasing
Video 5: Pedal Technique: (Foot Crossing Above and Below, Silent Change, Toe and Heel Playing), Legato/Staccato
Video 6: Legato Playing of Repeated Notes, Triplets, Improvisation, Transposition
Video 7: B-flat Major Scale, Improvisation (Cantabile), Pedal Technique (Outer Side)



Volume 2

coming soon! Video 8: Articulation, Chromatics, 2 against 3
coming soon! Video 9: Using the Expression Pedal, Independent Studying of New Pieces
coming soon! Video 10: Improvisation (Constant Motion), Cadences, Ornaments
coming soon! Video 11: Improvisation in different Time and Key Signatures, Improvisation (Recitativo Style), Legato Playing in Note Repetitions, Legato Thirds
coming soon! Video 12: Improvising a Partita, Phrasing



Volume 3

coming soon! Video 13: Ordentlicher Fortgang, Rhythmic and Melodic Ostinato
coming soon! Video 14: Inegalité, Early Fingerings, Spanish Ornaments
coming soon! Video 15: Pedal Articulation, Inegalité, Notes Communes
coming soon! Video 16: Dernier Kyrie Plein Chant, Récit, Lombard Rhythm
coming soon! Video 17: Mixed Articulation, Legato Playing